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Obama names 23 scientists and innovators as medal winners

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By Alan Boyle
President Barack Obama has named 12 researchers and 11 inventors as recipients of the federal government's highest honors in their fields: the National Medal of Science, and the National Medal of Technology and Innovation.

National Medal of Science recipients include:
    Allen Bard, chemist focusing on artificial photosynthesis, University of Texas at Austin

    Sallie Chisholm, biologist focusing on marine organisms, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Sidney Drell, physicist and arms control expert, Stanford University
    Sandra Faber, astronomer focusing on evolution of galaxies and cosmic structure, University of California at Santa Cruz
    Sylvester James Gates, physicist focusing on supersymmetry and string theory, University of Maryland
    Solomon Golomb, mathematician and the inventor of polyominoes, University of Southern California
    John Goodenough, physicist credited for development of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, University of Texas at Austin
    M. Frederick Hawthorne, chemist focusing on boron hydrides, University of Missouri
    Leroy Hood, biologist focusing on DNA medicine, Institute for Systems Biology
    Barry Mazur, mathematician focusing on geometry and number theory, Harvard University
    Lucy Shapiro, biologist focusing on developmental biology, Stanford University School of Medicine
    Anne Treisman, psychologist focusing on visual attention, perception and memory, Princeton University

National Medal of Technology and Innovation:
Frances Arnold, engineer focusing on directed evolution, California Institute of Technology
George Carruthers, inventor, physicist and space scientist, U.S. Naval Research Lab
Robert Langer, engineer focusing on biotechnology and medical technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Norman McCombs, engineer focusing on oxygen therapy, AirSep Corp.
Gholam Peyman, retina surgeon credited with invention of Lasik eye surgery procedure, Arizona Retinal Specialists
Art Rosenfeld, physicist focusing on energy efficiency technologies, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Jan Vilcek, microbiologist focusing on the immune system, NYU Langone Medical Center
IBM: Samuel Blum, Rangaswamy Srinivasan and James Wynne, co-inventors of the ultraviolet excimer laser
Raytheon BBN Technologies, R&D company focusing on military as well as civilian applications, represented by CEO Edward Campbell

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